Membrane Protein Stable Cell Lines

Membrane Protein Stable Cell Lines
Membrane protein stable cell lines are widely used in many areas of biomedical research. Creative Biolabs can offer membrane protein stable cell lines to stablish in vitro models for High Throughput Screening.

Membrane protein stable cell lines are widely used in many areas of biomedical research. Creative Biolabs' cell lines stably express membrane proteins, including GPCR, ion channel, transporter, immune checkpoint, oncology, Fc receptor, CD receptor, virology, HLA, and Kinase. Each cell line is provided in a variety of cell backgrounds, providing useful tools for membrane protein drug discovery. The cell lines are isolated from single cell clones, ensuring high quality and uniform genetic backgrounds. We also offer membrane protein stable cell line development services for membrane protein expression, membrane protein antibody discovery, membrane protein functional studies, membrane protein drug screening and etc.

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Parental Cell Lines

The primary pluripotent stem cell lines include parental cell lines, which also include embryonic cell lines and induced pluripotent stem cell lines (iPSCs), which are able to divide indefinitely and produce different types of cells. Creative Biolabs offers parental cell lines for our global clients.

GPCR Cell Lines

To more fully understand the mechanisms and activities of GPCRs as well as innovative GPCR-related pharmacological therapies, GPCR cell lines are artificially created to express GPCRs in a stable manner. Creative Biolabs offers GPCR cell lines for our global clients.

Ion Channel Cell Lines

When an ion enters or exits an ion channel, it can produce electrical signals that can be used in research to track the movement of the ions. Ion channels participate in multiple pathological and physiological processes. Creative Biolabs offers ion channel cell lines for our global clients.

Transporter Cell Lines

Almost all cells, bacteria, and viruses have transport proteins on their surfaces, which are primarily in charge of controlling the entry and departure of ions, small molecules, macromolecules, and other substances. Cell membrane transport protein distribution and failure can cause a variety of illnesses in living things, including cancer, endocrine, neurological, and hereditary conditions. Creative Biolabs offers transporter cell lines for our global clients.

Immune Checkpoint Cell Lines

The immune checkpoint on the membrane functions as a crucial sensory component of the vaccination system and aids in the process of the immune system's reaction to immunization. Creative Biolabs offers immune checkpoint cell lines for our global clients.

Oncology Cell Lines

The study of tumors has a significant medical branch called molecular oncology. In order to treat cancer, it seeks to understand cancer or tumors at the molecular level. Creative Biolabs offers oncology cell lines for our global clients.

Fc Receptor Cell Lines

The IgG transmembrane transport and antibody recycling mechanisms, as well as the enhancement of immune cell antigen presentation, are all mediated by the Fc receptor. Creative Biolabs offers Fc receptor cell lines for our global clients.

CD Cell Lines

CD marker molecules are widely used in numerous cell sorting techniques and take part in many critical processes such cell signaling and antigen recognition. Creative Biolabs offers CD cell lines for our global clients.

Virology Cell Lines

In order to comprehend the symptoms that viruses and virus-like substances produce and how to cure them, virology focuses on the study of the structure, taxonomy, infection, and reproduction of viruses and virus-like substances as well as their physiology and immune interactions with the host cell. Creative Biolabs offers virology cell lines for our global clients.

HLA Cell Lines

HLA plays a significant role in the study of autoimmune diseases, tumor immunity, organ transplantation, and reproductive immunity since it is intimately connected to the body's immune response, regulation, and monitoring. Creative Biolabs offers HLA cell lines for our global clients.

Kinase Cell Lines

Many significant diseases, such as diabetes, neurological conditions, or cancer, can be caused by kinase. Additionally, it can result in cellular death, behavioral issues, metabolic problems, or behavioral problems. Creative Biolabs offers kinase cell lines for our global clients.

Reporter Cell Lines

Cell-based reporter assays provide a different popular and cost-effective HTS platform for drug screening. Creative Biolabs offers reporter cell lines for our global clients.

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