1. What should I do if I can't find my desired products?
  2. The products on our website haven't been completely covered. Creative Biolabs adheres to the principle of doing our utmost to meet customer requirements. Therefore, if you have any requirements, please contact us.

  3. Has the product been tested in species or application that is not listed in the datasheet?
  4. The species reactivity and applications in the datasheet of each product are validated. If the species and applications you are interested in are not listed in the datasheet, you can contact our scientists. We will recommend the products that meet your requirements.

  5. Do you have any references for the products?
  6. We are so proud of an increasing number of our products referenced in the published articles. Under normal conditions, we can’t ask our clients to provide their experiment data for us unless the data have been published. We are looking forward to rewarding you for sending us the citation if you have references for our products in publications.

  7. How to order products?
  8. If you are interested in our products, please contact us via email, telephone, or fax on the contact us page.

Note: All of our products are for Research Use Only (RUO). NOT intended for diagnostic, therapeutic or clinical use. We DO NOT offer patients any direct products or services. No products from Creative Biolabs may be resold, modified for resale or used to manufacture commercial products without prior written approval from Creative Biolabs.
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